Delivery Carts Offer Stylish and Dependable Storage for All Your Medical Needs

Delivery Carts Durability Feature

At Cartstrong, we understand how important it is for your hospital to have medical carts that are as appealing as they are durable and easy to clean.

That’s why all of our Delivery Carts are constructed from health grade laminate and are made to withstand regular cleanings with almost any type of disinfectant. They also include a spillguard top that prevents the laminate from peeling or breaking down.

Delivery Carts Durability

Dependability isn’t our only focus either. Every Cartstrong Delivery Cart is completely customizable as well. From custom dimensions and drawer configurations to a selection of work surfaces and colour options, these carts can be designed to suit your décor while also meeting the specific storage and utility needs of your hospital.

Electronic and key lock options can also be installed to keep valuables safe.

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