Enhanced Infection Control with Antimicrobial Carts

Enhanced Infection Control Feature

With the spread of COVID-19 putting an increased focus on infection control within the hospital environment, products like Cartstong’s Antimicrobial Carts have never been more important.

Think about all the surfaces that people come in contact with daily in a busy hospital. Without a doubt, medical supply carts can be one of the most touched, which makes them highly susceptible to spreading infection. So if you’re continually wiping these surfaces down and they’re not fluid-resistant, like wood, they will begin to break down and absorb fluids. That’s something which is not ideal in any healthcare setting.

Cartstong’s Antimicrobial Carts contain an exclusive antimicrobial additive that is bonded into the materials they’re made from, therefore they will never leach out of the product. They’re also very easy to clean and can withstand almost all hospital cleaning chemicals.

All of our Antimicrobial Carts are also fully customizable and can be manufactured to suit your hospital’s specific needs.

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