Looking for Different Carts With Matching Finishes? We Got It

Delivery Carts and Fetal Carts Blog Feature

If you want your hospital rooms to feel more inviting for your patients, getting your carts in matching finishes will help with that. From Delivery Carts to Fetal Monitor Carts, all Cartstrong products are fully customizable and can be easily matched, providing you with stylish and secure storage for all of your medical needs.

Delivery Carts and Fetal Carts Blog 1

Constructed from health grade laminate that can withstand regular cleanings with disinfectants, our carts are available in one of five finishes.

Delivery Carts and Fetal Carts Blog 2

Aside from laminate, we also offer several other material selections to further suit your needs. Cartstrong medical carts are available in Thermofoil, Kydex, Antimicrobial, and Stainless Steel as well.

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