Medical Carts Can Be Both Durable and Esthetically Pleasing

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With Cartstrong Carts, you never need to compromise esthetics to get the dependability your hospital requires. From Bassinets to Fetal Monitor Carts, and everything in between, all of our products are available with advanced infection control surfaces that are easy to maintain.

Considering that medical carts are easily one of the most touched surfaces in any hospital, they require constant cleaning. Unlike wood, Antimicrobial Carts are fluid-resistant, which means their surfaces will never break down or absorb fluids.

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Because they contain an exclusive antimicrobial additive that will never leach out of the product, Cartstong’s Antimicrobial Carts are able to withstand almost all hospital cleaning chemicals.

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Three different finishes are available: White, Dolphin Gray, and Charcoal Gray. These finishes can be applied to any of our products, so your hospital room furniture can be both stylish and durable.

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